British Warriors undercard: Gething, Cooksey and Anthony collect wins but Goodrigde suffers first defeat

British Warriors undercard: Gething, Cooksey and Anthony collect wins but Goodrigde suffers first defeat

Pontypool’s Kieran Gething (3-1-1, 1KO) hasn’t been shy in expressing his interest in a Welsh title shot and his scheduled six rounder in just his fifth fight is a mark of his ambition.

It was a success and the Welshman ran out a 60-54 winner over London’s Jordan Grannum (2-9) on the undercard of British Warriors’ show at the LC2 in Swansea.

Grannum was in Wales last week, losing a relatively competitive four rounder to Tredgar’s Ricky Rowlands. This time, he was facing another former amateur champion who was straight down to business. Gething stalked Grannum across the ring and changed his height as he did so, making it difficult for the visitor to measure his shots. When Gething moved him back to the ropes, the super-welterweight paid particular attention to the body, perhaps aiming to empty Grannum’s tank.

It was steady stuff from Gething, who sustained a high output in to the second half of the contest, too. The Pontypool prospect afforded himself more space to step in to his shots, finding room for fully extended straights to Grannum’s head and stomach. Gething was slightly guilty of standing too square when they exchanged up close but his more compact guard kept him safe from Grannum’s responses. In the closing stages, Gething impressively counter-punched on the front foot in spurts, most notably with a crisp left hook to bloody his opponent’s mouth.

Rhoose’s Lance Cooksey (3-0) easily secured the third victory of his professional career with a straightforward 40-36 score against Blackburn’s raw Naheem Chaudhry (0-2).

The lightweight found the range almost immediately, cracking Chaudhry with a flush right cross. It landed on several more occasions and discouraged Chaudhry from standing in close proximity. Despite the success, Cooksey stayed patient and didn’t rush his attacks, instead snapping a short and sharp jab before following it up with flurries of body punches.

Chaudhry’s first success came halfway through the second round as his own right hand appeared to catch Cooksey by surprise, though normal service instantly resumed. After a steady third session, Cooksey again upped the ante in the closing fourth round, hounding Chaudhry from corner to corner to collect another routine win.

Ammanford’s Jake Anthony (1-0) debuted with a 40-38 points win against Victor Edagha (0-21), scored by referee Martin Williams.

Edagha was in Wales on last week’s show in Merthyr Tydfil, fiddling his way to a shutout loss against 2012 Olympic medallist Fred Evans. This experience wasn’t as taxing as the less experienced Anthony took time to get to grips with the Italian’s unorthodox style.

Anthony, trained and managed by Richie Garner, always led the exchanges and his favoured hooks featured more and more as Edagha retreated. Once Anthony warmed in to action, the corner called for more jabs as the approach became more blatant. That eagerness was effective, not allowing Edagha any room to unload anything of note and it was a pattern that continued to the final bell.

Port Talbot’s Geraint Goodridge (2-0-1) suffered the first reverse of his professional career at the hands of Wiltshire’s game Anthony Fox (1-10-4), who collected every round on referee Reece Carter’s 40-36 scorecard.

Both were eager to get to grips with each other in the opener, leading to several scrappy exchanges. Their enthusiasm quickly cleaned itself up in to cleaner inside combinations, each taking it in turns to tuck up or attack. The visitor was the busier by the end of the opener and it was a positive start for Fox. Again, Fox finished the second round seemingly the happier super-middleweight, though he’d set a high work rate, which would be difficult to sustain.

Goodridge attempted to immediately halt the momentum to start the third session, sprinting out on to the front food. A steady jab and bullish strength pushed Fox to the edges of the ring, and whilst Fox still managed to have his moments with well-placed uppercuts, they were less frequent. However, Fox again enjoyed more success in the closing round to cement his upset win.

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