Cardiff’s Lloyd Germain debuts with well-fought win

Cardiff’s Lloyd Germain debuts with well-fought win

Cardiff’s Lloyd Germain (1-0) debuted with a well-fought 39-37 decision victory against Yorkshire’s handy Danny Little (8-58-2, 1KO) to open Sanigar Events’ show at the Rhydycar Leisure Centre in Merthyr Tydfil.

The 28-year-old began with a constant stream of jabs. Most were taken on Little’s gloves but it set up Germain’s other activity, including a backhand to the body, which worked to put Little on the defensive.

Germain, who fought at super-welterweight but is expected to settle at welterweight, varied his jab to Little’s stomach. It worked and stuck the visitor to the ropes often enough for Germain to unload with more solid work.

Little remained dormant the opener but woke up midway through the second round. A couple of overhand rights clipped Germain, who took his turn to circle the ring and evade the attacks.

Germain was on back on form at the start of the third round, peppering away with straight shots. They bought him more space than he was afforded before and pleased the 80 travelling fans. Little kept compact and attempted to walk the Welshman down. Much of the response was inaccurate but there was an eye-catching right when Germain dropped his guard in a neutral corner.

Surprisingly, Little tried turning southpaw at the start of the fourth round. Germain was wise to it and stayed a step ahead. However, soon after, the debutant chose to stand his ground in spurts. Germain scored with short two and three combinations before attempting to wheel away to safety. Little was on his case and rallied in the final minute, again landing his favoured right just before the bell rang for the final time but it wasn’t enough to turn the ride.

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