James ‘Lights Out’ Lilley back with Whiting win

James ‘Lights Out’ Lilley back with Whiting win

Super-welterweight James ‘Lights Out’ Lilley (8-6, 2KO) was back to winning ways on the Welsh Fight Academy’s show at the Brangwyn Hall. He came away with a well-earned 39-37 distance victory over Kent’s Sonny Whiting (5-17-2, 2KO).

The 30-year-old hadn’t fought since a game but unsuccessful challenge to then Welsh champion Barrie Jones in October 2015. The Swansea native has stayed fit in other sports and didn’t appear to be feeling any lasting effects of inactivity.

Cornered by Darren Pullman, Lilley was tasked with the job of neutralizing Whiting’s longer height and reach. He closed the distance and outworked the reluctant visitor, who was cornered by one of Britain’s best every journeymen, Johnny Greaves, to set a tone that was rarely disrupted.

The undersized Lilley wasn’t deterred and made himself a small target, before springing forward with short flurries. The more positive approach paid off and Lilley’s left hook briefly stunned Whiting in the third. He continued to chip away and the bursts of action caused more mistakes from Whiting, leaving more gaps in his guard.

By now, Lilley’s swarming attacks were banking the rounds, though he was in no mood to settle, continuing to turn the screw in the fourth and final round. Whiting, by this point, was giving Lilley the run around, ensuring he’s fully able to fulfill his schedule of bookings on the road.

There was some confusion at the final bell with both boxers believing it to be a four rounder, while the officials debated that it was a six round contest. After a brief discussion, it was over after four.

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