Jason Sillett upset but Morgan Jones and Dan Barton score KO wins for St Joseph’s

Jason Sillett upset but Morgan Jones and Dan Barton score KO wins for St Joseph’s

Last night, Barry’s Jason Sillett (5-2, 1KO) was the first of three St Joseph’s Boxing Club operators to feature on Sanigar Events’ Acid Test at the Newport Centre.

He was cheered on by the town’s world champion Lee Selby but saw the tables drastically turn on him, suffering a third round knockout loss to Joe Ducker (2-3-1, 1KO).

Sillett, who has moved down a category to super-featherweight, was given a few reminders to stay switched on in the early exchanges but gradually warmed in to it. He picked his moments to slip in to range, ducking low to negate Ducker’s obvious reach advantages before springing in to action with brief two-fisted bursts.

In the third round, Sillett stayed composed and his activity increased. He was able to capitalise on Ducker’s aggression, timing short overhands and hooks around the Midlander’s guard. However, the success would be abruptly ended.

A long right hand stunned Sillett, who was held up by the ropes. He was unable to regain his strength and Ducker’s follow up attack caught up with Sillett in the visitor’s corner, pushing him through the ropes and forcing referee Martin Williams to halt proceedings.

It was Sillett’s first fight since suffering an upset loss to Cardiff’s resurgent Henry Janes in November. The 20-year-old has now left Manchester based trainer Lee Beard and linked up with Tony Borg at Newport’s St Joseph’s Boxing Club.

Aberdare’s super-middleweight Morgan ‘Sexual Chocolate’ Jones (10-0, 4KO) was next up and he became just the second boxer to end matters early against York’s tough Harry Matthews (14-24-2, 2KO), who has been a professional for nine years.

Decorated with a blond mohawk, Jones whipped his jab up from waist height to ease in to action. The counter-puncher threw little else early on, gauging the range before eventually stepping in with a sharp right to end the first round.

Matthews was just as conservative and tried to fend off Jones’ approach. However, Jones was quicker to shoot before backing out of range. The output increased by the halfway mark and Jones frequently found gaps in Matthews’ guard, particularly with overhand rights.

The fourth round saw Matthews score with his own shots, mainly singles and Jones’ stablemates called for more urgency from ringside. It came in the fifth with Jones returning to the front foot, reintroducing his jab to curb Matthews’ enthusiasm.

Behind Jones’ jab came more meaningful power punches and the direct approach served him well. A wide left hook was delivered out of Matthews’ eye-line, allowing Jones the room to step in with his favoured right cross.

That shot stuck Matthews to the ropes and a half-landed body shot was enough to force the journeyman to the floor. He didn’t return to his feet and was counted out by referee Martin Williams.

Newport’s Daniel Barton (1-0) was the show’s third Tony Borg trained talent and he made an impressive debut to extend the winless streak of Trowbridge’s Jacob Lucas (0-7).

The aggressive middleweight enjoyed strong vocal support from the locals and was therefore kept to close the show’s aftercard. Eager to impress, Barton hunted Lucas from the opening bell and his inexperienced opponent was quickly caught in the second round.

A thumping left hook sagged Lucas to his knees and he was unable to recover, visiting the canvas another time before referee Martin Williams signalled the end of the contest.

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