Kody Davies humbled by support for debut as he targets the top

Kody Davies humbled by support for debut as he targets the top

It’s been a period of transition for Kody Davies but the Blackwood native is now prepared to introduce himself to the paid ranks.

Earlier this year, the skillful southpaw called time on his standout amateur career and decided to leave Team GB and their world-renowned facilities at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield.

Since then, Davies has been grafting back on home soil and he will make his professional debut next week on Warrior Promotions’ show at the LC2 in Swansea. Training camp has taken place under the guidance of Gavin Rees, one of Wales’ most entertaining fighters in modern times.

The 23-year-old said: “It’s been a little bit different to normal, as you can expect but not only that, I’m also making the transition from cruiserweight to light-heavyweight. So, everything has changed – my eating, dieting, running times, how many rounds I’m doing. It’s suited me down to the ground.”

Davies’ decision to switch weight categories caused some mild surprise, mainly because he never looked outsized at cruiserweight, known as heavyweight in the unpaid code. However, he took the decision based on the advice of someone who has truly walked the walk. Who? Only a former British, European and world champion.

“Gavin Rees. Purely Gavin Rees and he’s proved me wrong, to be honest. I wasn’t too happy with it at first but now I’m within touching distance of the weight,” said Davies. “I’m feeling great, I’m feeling sharp, I’m fitter than ever and my running times are better than they’ve ever been. It’s a good move.

“I feel fit and strong, I’m ready to go, raring to go now. I just want to get in there and earn some money. It’s been improving my whole package. I’m running faster for longer, I’m punching faster and I’m more economical now, I can do more rounds.”

Later tonight, London’s George Groves will make the first defence of his World Boxing Association world super-middleweight title. It’s Groves’ first involvement in the World Boxing Super Series and he faces Swindon’s Jamie Cox, a relatively unknown quantity and crucially, a southpaw.

Cox’s stance has benefitted Davies, who got the call to travel to London for a series of spars as the reigning champion aims to adapt for a portsider. Equally, there were benefits for the Welshman, who is still beaming about the opportunity ahead of his four rounder with Titusz Szabo (5-65-1).

Davies said: “I’ve been doing 10 rounds with George Groves and feeling good. It’s a really good experience, especially the first couple of times because we were within one or two kilos of each other. He was the same dap, same size and I was holding my own.

“I learned stacks from him and he was paying me as well, which was a bonus. I think I’ve got a wealth of experience in a short time sparring with George.”

“The level of competition I’m coming from is going to make the transition easier, like I’ve boxed world champions, Olympic champions, national champions as an amateur. Now going in to the pro game, I feel like I’ve already mixed it with the best, including sparring George, and it’s put me in a good place mentally.”

Thanks to the sponsorship of TopSpec Motors, Refuel Nutrition and Batch Plant, Davies has been able to become a full time professional, focusing only on training. He’s also benefitted from a strong fan base and like all ambitious debutants, he’s determined to take them to the very top.

Davies said: “I’ve had a good response with ticket sales and I can’t thank everyone enough. Everyone always said they’d be there when I turn pro and they’ve stuck to their word. It’s quite humbling actually.

“There’s only one thing I’m set on and that’s a world title. Anything I can pick up on the way is fantastic. I’m looking to clean up. Everything I can get, I’m going for.”

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