Mike Towell has sadly passed away – Rest In Peace

Mike Towell has sadly passed away – Rest In Peace

Dundee’s ‘Iron’ Mike Towell has passed away following Thursday’s loss to St Clears’ Dale Evans.

The previously unbeaten welterweight was knocked down twice and stopped in the fifth round of their final eliminator for the British welterweight title.

St Andrews Sporting Club, who hosted the event, confirmed the tragic news shortly after midnight.

Towell, who played his part in a competitive fight, collapsed after the fight ended and received instant medical treatment. Sadly, Towell didn’t regain consciousness after sustaining severe bleeding and swelling on the brain.

His partner, Chloe Ross, said through a public Facebook status: “Today, once he was taken off his life support, he managed 12 hours, 12 whole rounds off his life support. He fought right to the end and he done us all so proud.

“He left doing the thing he’s best at… there’s only one!”

Towell leaves a two-year-old son, Rocco. All of our thoughts are with his family, friends, loved ones, Dale Evans, Gary Lockett and everyone affected by this tragedy.

It comes just six months after Nick Blackwell, who was in Lockett’s stable alongside Evans, sustained serious head injuries against Chris Eubank Jr and was placed in a week-long coma, which was also refereed by Victor Loughlin – though no criticism towards the official is warranted.

Rest In Peace, ‘Iron’ Mike Towell.