Mitch Buckland breaks inactivity with fun four rounder

Mitch Buckland breaks inactivity with fun four rounder

Last night, Cardiff’s Mitch Buckland (12-0, 2KO) ended 17 months of inactivity against Manchester’s Darryl Sharp (5-23) with a 40-37 decision win.

The entertaining four rounder opened British Warriors’ promotion at the LC2 in Swansea, their third visit to the city in the last five months.

Buckland, a former two-weight Celtic champion, used his jab to start shaking off the rust and he caught his eager opponent with clear single shots. He aimed to introduce his southpaw backhand soon after in the second round, which found some success.

Sharp tried to respond with a two fisted burst and the increased activity led to several heated verbal exchanges between the pair, whose grins were instructed to be quiet by the referee. The crowd became more involved and it gave some flavour to what could’ve been a routine win.

Cornered by now retired domestic contender Kieran Farrell, Sharp used his ring smarts to get away with a wise low blow in the third round. It was delivered on the referee’s blind side and served to slightly slow Buckland’s movement, leading to momentarily competitive exchanges.

However, Buckland’s classier shots stood out in the fourth and final round, helped by his crafty tactics in tying up Sharp when the distance shortened. The Welshman was instructed to let his hands go by Tony and Junior Borg in the corner and he did so, helping him get back in to the swing of things.

Surprisingly, Buckland weighed just under the super-middleweight limit – four categories above where the Brian Powell managed up and comer usually operates, though Buckland is expected to return to super-lightweight in time.

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