Mose Auimtagi Jnr springs comeback in final seconds to stun Morgan Jones

Mose Auimtagi Jnr springs comeback in final seconds to stun Morgan Jones

Aberdare’s Morgan Jones (12-1, 5KO) was just eight seconds away from a dominant victory over Mose Auimtagi Jnr (10-1-2, 6KO) until the New Zealander stormed back to turn the tide.

It was a heartbreaking finish for the Welshman, who impressed until the very end of the sixth round stoppage loss. The contest opened Matchroom Boxing’s huge show at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Auimtagi travelled over with Duco Events – the promoters of headliner Joseph Parker (24-0, 18KO), who is due to defend his World Boxing Organisation [WBO] world heavyweight title against International Boxing Federation [IBF] and World Boxing Association [WBA] belt holder Anthony Joshua (20-0, 20KO) at 10:30pm.

The duo spent the opener feeling each other out, testing their respective reactions to speculative shots and taking a good look at the task in hand. The second round saw Jones score with a handful of overhands as Auimtagi over reached, affording the Welshman with the opportunity to counter punch.

The visitor grew more ambitious in the third round, launching a two fisted attack as Jones’ back touched the ropes. Auimtagi was quickly made to pay for his efforts, though – sucking up more hurtful returns, especially a left uppercut from Jones.

Noticeably bigger, South African born Jones remained relaxed in the fourth round but though his output wasn’t high, it was enough to control Auimtagi, who struggled to find the target and saw his ambition dim.

Jones predicted a fifth round stoppage when speaking to earlier in fight week and he seemed to plant his feet with more force at this point. Straight shots found their target and the visitor bravely sucked them up to hear the bell.

The same straight right made an undeniable mark in the sixth and final round, dropping Auimtagi heavily, sparking a scream of celebration from Jones. Auimtagi rose to his feet and just survived the count of referee Martin Williams.

After gathering his senses, Auimtagi completely reversed momentum with 30 seconds left of the six round contest. He caught Jones as the Welshman ventured to the ropes and swarmed all over him, leaving the unbeaten prospect staggering across the ring and forcing the referee’s hand.

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