Instant ringside reports: MTK Fight Night – Prelims and undercard

Instant ringside reports: MTK Fight Night – Prelims and undercard

We’re ringside at MTK Global’s show at the Vale Sports Arena in Cardiff Bay and about to bring you instant ringside reports from the 11-fight show. Keep refreshing this page for updates as the action unfolds…

1. Maredudd Thomas marches on to make it eight straight wins

Cardiff’s welterweight Maredudd Thomas (8-0, 2KO) stalked Kevin McCauley (15-192-12) with menace on his way to a 40-36 decision win. The 22-year-old scored with wincing double-hooks to the body throughout the four rounder and McCauley was forced to use all of his experienced ring-smarts, including a switch to southpaw, to venture to safety. Thomas, trained by Gary Lockett, has now won eight straight fights since turning professional and his well-measured approach isn’t far off being ready for a Welsh title tilt.

2. David White Jnr returns to winning ways

Cardiff’s featherweight David White Jnr (3-1-1) enjoyed a straightforward win against Yorkshire’s Luke Flash (2-46-2), tallied 40-36 by the officials. The 24-year-old southpaw was the busiest, amidst a fairly steady encounter, and faced little resistance until the last round. The bout marked a return to winning ways for White, who drew his last outing, and appeared to regain his confidence as tonight’s rounds progressed, picking his moments to rush forward with brief two-fisted flurries.

3. Lance Cooksey collects mini-milestone win

Rhooses’s lightweight Lance Cooksey (10-0, 2KO) recorded his 10th consecutive triumph, overcoming Stockport’s Jamie Quinn (5-84-2) via a 60-54 scoreline over six rounds. As always, Cooksey remained typically compact but he surprisingly decided to circle Quinn, affording the journeyman room to come forward. The duo took it in turns to trade, though Cooksey produced much of the cleaner work with shorter, speedier shots. The Welshman continues to progress and is ready for much stiffer opposition.

4. Sharp shooting Rhys Edwards records sixth win

Tonypandy’s featherweight Rhys Edwards (6-0, 2KO) earned more rave reviews with a sharp-shooting shut-out against Rafael Castillo (14-54-3, 6KO), collecting a 40-36 scorecard. The 19-year-old, trained by Gary Lockett, won numerous Welsh and British titles in the amateurs and his adaption to the professional game has impressed many observers.

Edwards was cut above the right eye in the first round by an accidental blow – a valuable learning experience for his development. A constant stream of jabs triggered Castillo to engage and when he did, Edwards usually swayed from the waist to create room to counter-punch. It was a classy performance and Castillo was never able to get to grips with Edwards’ dynamic angles. Castillo was wobbled badly with right hands in the second and third rounds, persuading the visitor to edge away in the fourth round to see the final bell.

5. Classy Jacob Robinson with controlled performance

Cardiff’s ‘Baby’ Jacob Robinson (6-0, 2KO) easily controlled Jose Aguilar (16-60-5, 6KO) in every minute of their six rounder to prevail with a 60-54 decision. The 24-year-old southpaw stalked from the opening bell, pumping straights to push Aguilar to the edges of the ring.

The momentum was established early and rarely looked in danger of being disrupted. Being son of former world champion Steve Robinson may bring pressure to some prospects but Robinson Jnr remained relaxed, planting his feet and loading up with looping overhand lefts. Robinson made his first major mark at the end of the third round when he responses to Aguilar blowing kisses with a pair of swift right hooks, staggering the Nicaraguan. Robinson stayed composed and gradually turned the screw, never over-exerting himself and leaving plenty to come in the future.

6. Sean McGoldrick enjoys midnight delight

Newport’s Sean McGoldrick (9-0, 2KO) handled an unorthodox Moises Mojica (9-7-2, 6KO), punishing the Nicaraguan for a 59-55 decision win over six rounds. The 27-year-old bantamweight was the final fight of the night and his strong support stuck around until mid-night. They were kept happy with McGoldrick’s commitment to Mojica’s mid-section, though the repeated body-shots drew attention from referee Chris Jones. McGoldrick introduced his jab more frequently as the action developed, also staying low in the pocket to launch backhands over the top and catch Monica high on the head.


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