Welsh champion Gavin Gwynne victorious on return from injury; Tinklin impresses as chief support

Welsh champion Gavin Gwynne victorious on return from injury; Tinklin impresses as chief support

Welsh lightweight champion Gavin Gwynne (11-0, 1KO) collected a wide 78-71 points victory against Nicragua’s Arnoldo Solano (14-20) in a bad tempered affair to headline Sanigar Events’ show at the Rhydycar Leisure Centre in Merthyr Tydfil.

The Trelewis native, buoyed on by strong home support, was returning from eight months of inactivity and a serious knee injury.

Standing at six foot, Gwynne is deceivingly effective on the inside and he was keen to make a mark in the opener, immediately marching Solano to the edges of the canvas.

Gwynne enjoyed all the physical advantages over his smaller, yet heavier, opponent and the waves of attack were repeated time after time with little resistance. Instead, Solano opted to evade the pressure and pedal backwards to safer spaces.

There was visible frustration from Gwynne in the third round. He implored Solano to engage on several occasions and became more animated every time. Gwynne even walked himself to his own corner and requested Solano’s company. When his wish wasn’t met, Gwynne tumbled Solano to the canvas via a messy clinch to draw warning from referee Reece Carter.

Solano’s negativity carried on and Gwynne hunted him with more menace to score a knockdown in the fourth round. Solano attempted to buy time by spitting his gum shield to the floor and referee Reece Carter ignored it, instructing the pair to carry on trading.

The first major interruption to Gwynne’s dominance came in the fifth round when Solano scored with a huge punch… the only problem being that is landed well south of the waistband. The foul fest continued in the sixth when Gwynne was deducted a point for raising his foot to Solano, who had already stumbled to the floor.

Just as it seemed the eighth and final round was going to be relatively quiet compared to earlier events, it exploded again. Both were deducted points for various fouls and Gwynne, who produced the better quality work throughout, got another knockdown courtesy of a left straight. It’s fair to say he’ll be glad to see the back of Solano.

The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC) have ordered a final eliminator against Northern Irishman James Tennyson (24-3, 20KO). The British lightweight title is currently held by Cardiff’s Joe Cordina (9-0, 7KO).

Jake Tinklin ticks on with impressive win

Jake Tinklin

In the chief support, Risca’s Jake Tinklin (3-0) impressed against Fonz Alexander (6-98, 4KO, taking a 60-54 decision over six rounds.

Under instruction from former world champion Gavin Rees, the tall welterweight made use of his long levers to pin Alexander down. Tinklin also closed the distance with creative shorter shots when Alexander backed up to the ropes, including uppercuts.

Tinklin’s output was well varied and he enjoyed his jab in every round. That often set up opportunities to the body, allowing Tinklin to step in with two-fisted attacks absorbed into Alexander’s mid-section.

Alexander kept Tinklin honest with brief attacks every so often, though the game journeyman was rarely rewarded with significant success. The unbeaten prospect even appeared to score a knockdown with a left hook in the final round, only for it to be ruled a slip by referee Martin Williams.

It was a well-polished performance from the 21-year-old, especially considering Alexander’s form in Wales. The Englishman has knocked down and stopped a handful of Welshmen on previous ventures over the bridge.

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