Past Present Future: Undercard report

Past Present Future: Undercard report

Pontypridd’s welterweight Kyle Jones (4-0) got Sanigar Events’ ‘Past Present Future’ show at the Newport Centre going and he continued to learn his craft with a well-earned 40-37 decision win against Surrey-based Bulgarian Mario Petrov (1-1).

Jones began in centre ring and Petrov was more than willing to concede front foot position, even switching to southpaw to ‘pop and take him round’, instructions yelled from esteemed London trainer Ian Burbidge. The fight’s first breakthrough came at the end of the opener, which Petrov finished with a bleeding right eye, an injury referee Reece Carter later ruled was courtesy of a punch.

The two often found themselves fencing at range but the difference between them came up close with Jones eager to have the last say amidst Petrov’s attempt to spoil. The rhythm was set early on and rarely interrupted, Jones maintaining it behind short jab, a tactic that was surprisingly successful against Petrov’s longer reach.

The 21-year-old, who trains under Tony Borg at St Joseph’s Boxing Club in Newport, was given a warning to stay alert at the end of the third round, receiving a flush right hand in response to switching off. In the closing round, Jones made an effort to deliver a second phase of attack, meeting Petrov head on as the visitor edged forward but it wasn’t enough to take the round from Jones.

There was victory for another Pontypridd native as Jermaine Asare (3-0) pounded his way to an entertaining 40-36 points win against Derby’s durable Elvis Dube (6-42-2, 5KO). Dube was making his 50th appearance of a career that’s seen plenty of hopeful prospects like Asare but the powerful 2010 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist paid no respect to his opponent’s experience, sitting down on hurtful hooks soon after the bell sounded to begin the four round contest.

Like he’s done so many times before, Dube squeezed up and ducked low to avoid the follow up attacks. Asare took a step back to analyze Dube’s defence and introduced an uppercut, bloodying the nose of the visitor. Asare’s sparring with former world champion Nathan Cleverly was evident in the third round as he utilized Cleverly’s trademark bolo punch, not once but twice. However, Asare’s enthusiasm did border on recklessness at points and he clipped the back of Dube’s head to draw warnings from referee Martin Williams.

The action went largely uninterrupted and Dube, who is remarkably short for a light-heavyweight, attempted to buy time by burying his head in Asare’s chest for sanctuary, only to then be driven by shots to both sides of his body.

If there was any pressure on Ebbw Vale’s Ashley Brace (1-0) as Wales’ only professional female boxer then she didn’t show it, running out a 40-36 victor against Poland’s Bojana Libiszewska (1-9). The speedy bantamweight almost broke out in to a sprint at the sound of the first bell, racing forward pin Libiszewska to the ropes. It wouldn’t be the first time Brace approached without resistance, managing to evade Libiszewska’s reach advantage by ducking low before rising with fast flurries.

As the fight developed, Libiszewska timed Brace’s attacks to tying up the Torfaen Warriors Boxing Club member’s arms, slowing the pace down to survive the distance of four two minute rounds. Reece Carter officiated and scored it 40-36 to Brace.

Cardiff’s Nathan Thorley (3-0) reaped the rewards of a 14-week training camp alongside new trainer Chris Davies to bludgeon Sheffield’s brave Dan Foster (1-2, 1KO) in two routine rounds. ‘Thunder’ Thorley, a 2014 Commonwealth Games bronze medalist, made a lightening quick start by whipping a left hook in to send Foster to the heels of his boots in the opening 20 seconds.

It didn’t slow down from there, the Cardiff light-heavyweight landed a series of thudding counterpunches, most notably his beloved right cross, to test Foster’s resistance on several occasions. The visiting Yorkshireman did well to survive the opening round but he didn’t survive the second. Another right cross cut Foster’s left eye and when he was forced to back off, Thorley stepped in to his fully extended shots with more venom, sending his willing but answerless opponent to the canvas and obliging referee Martin Williams to end the action there.

Aberdare’s Dorian Darch (10-4, 1KO) overcame an unwilling Larne Olubamiwo (11-17, 9KO) in a four round heavyweight outing, which Martin Williams scored 40-37. Aside from a disqualification win, Olubamiwo hasn’t has his hands raised since being caught using a number of banned Performance Enhancing Drugs in 2012.

That record never looked in danger of being derailed as Darch’s extra aggression edged every round. However, the Londoner did ensure that there was almost no target for Darch to hit; his shorts nearly chest height, arms effective in holding all available limbs and torso ready to lean halfway to the floor to evade attacks. Darch was at times inaccurate but he was working and aside a warning not to hit the back of Olubamiwo’s head, he faced little resistance in recording his 10th professional win.

Since Nantymoel’s Danni Griffiths (7-1) lost his debut, the 20-year-old has been matched in a series of testing fights and overcome them all. The cruiserweight’s gradual schooling has benefited him and it was evident in his 40-36 win against the game Martyn Grainger (8-10, 3KO).

Grainger isn’t a stranger to appearing in the away corner but the Lancastrian doesn’t play the part of a journeyman. It was that eagerness that led to Griffiths’ initial success, as the St Joseph’s student was able to counter, most notably with backhands to the head and body. Once Griffiths had slowed Grainger’s approach, he established a spiteful jab that gave him the distance to step in with power punches. Those spells came and went, though as being on the back foot is alien to Grainger who fought back with his own ambitions until the final bell.

Bridgend’s Richie Canning (3-0) defeated Belfast’s Alec Bazza in a close light-welterweight outing, collecting a 39-38 decision in their four rounder. Early on, Canning quicker to the punch and able to evade Bazza’s arm punches. The Welshman walked Bazza on to a flush overhand right to end the second round and it sagged the Irishman’s legs.

That incident seemed to be the turning point and Bazza enjoyed a lot more success when he returned for the third round. Canning kept his output simple with straight punches and he was guilty of cruising with single shots, remaining in second gear. Sensing a shift in his opponent, Bazza’s output increased, albeit without a lot of accuracy and that was what separated the pair.

Cefn Fforest’s Robbie Turley (16-5, 3KO) ticked over with a routine distance win against France’s Jean Noel Alvarez (4-19-1, 1KO) as he awaits a domestic title shot. The super-bantamweight contest was scored 40-36 as the tricky Turley pressed the action and picked his shots while boxing within his own limits. A left hook misbalanced Alvarez in the second round and Turley’s pot-shotting put the Frenchman in his shell, which he was never allowed out of.

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